New Zealand Website Promotion Resources

This page is a good starting point for website promotion in New Zealand. It links to the New Zealand search engines and directories site submission pages. We will be adding more information in the future on how the various search engines and directories rank pages and other information relating to the submission of websites.

New Zealand Site Submission Pages

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New Zealand Website Submission Service
Attitude has the experience and expertise to submit your site correctly, quickly and painlessly to the appropriate New Zealand search engines and directories. Attitude offers a convenient and affordable New Zealand search engine submission package.

Google Adwords Email Course - Beat the Google AdWords System
Google Adwords is an ideal way to target New Zealanders on the web. Perry Marshall, author of "The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords", has written a very helpful email course called "5 days to success with Google AdWords" and there's no charge for it. You can find out about it here: Google Adwords Email Course

Link building to promote your site in New Zealand

Besides submitting your site to New Zealand search engines and directories, you can build traffic to your website by inviting other complementary sites to link to yours. Begin now by becoming a link partner of Attitude's New Zealand Search Guide.

Recommended Sites on Webite Promotion

Search Engine Watch - excellent coverage of the major search engines and search engine promotion.

Wilson Internet - Web Marketing Today - large resource with good information on website promotion. - Site Marketing Section - large number of good articles and good forum and blog.

Clickz - online publisher of daily columns on internet advertising and marketing and more.

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